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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  February 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

10:00 pm, the corridor's top stories and aries developing tonight, donald trump and bernie sanders come out on top in the new hampshire primary. both men finished in second place during the iowa caucuses. and on the republican side, those coming in behind trump are raising some eyebrows tonight. >> donald trump earned more than a third of the republican vote. john kasich is going to come in second. ted cruz finished third in new hampshire. >> bernie sanders defeated
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she won in new hampshire in 2008. all that shifting could have big implications for the republican race as it shifts south to south carolina and eventually super tuesday. kevin barry is tracking with more. >> reporter: 2016 has been the year where waves by outperforming expectations. the former chairman of the republican national committee says john kasich's strong performance in new hampshire could make him a contender. former white house press secretary says the muddle in the middle of the main stream disappointed by the results in
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have been a reaction to his trump. they divide; he conquers. rubio admitted his campaign was disappointed with the results in new hampshire. the bottom l now the republicans shift to south carolina and february 20th.that state is considered to be more religious and evangelical than iowa -- making it taylor made for ted cruz to do well again -- after what looks like a third place finish in new hampshire.but the race for the establishment lane of the republican party
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at least john kasich -- marco rubio -- and whoever holds on between jeb bush and chris christie.kevin barry -- cbs 2 news ten at 10 tonight: partly cloudy, staying breezy and bitterly cold. wind chills to 20 below. lows: -6 to +2wind: nw 15-25, diminishing to 10-15 by morning tomorrow: partly sunny, winds: nw 10-15 15 cbs 2 news ten at 10 continues
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information on the push to privatize iowa's medicaid system. system.debate over the plans now features two iowa governors--terry branstad and former governor chet culver. branstad says his office will continue to move forward to privatize the program by march first.but culver is now speaking out against the possibility - organizing town halls across the state.he stopped in coralville and cedar rapids today.culver says it's about bringing citizens together to voice their concerns.branstad says these meetings polarize the issue. at the capitol right now nowstate lawmakers are looking to expand iowa's current law regulating cannabis oil. a new bill introduced this afternoon, would create a system for manufacturing and distributing medical marijuana in varioius forms for more patients. right now, only certain epilepsy patients can use cannabis *oil and they have npractical way to get it.the senate passed similar
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house ignored it.this time, some house republicans are backing the bill. the senate is looking to pump more money into iowa's schools., lawmakers okayed a four-percent increase to basic state aid for schools during the next fiscal year. state law requires the legislature to establish such advanced education funding, though lawmakers haven't followed that timeline in recent yearsleaders in the house say the increase should only be two-percent because of limited funds. now to some other numbers state lawmakers are looking at -- along iowa's roads. roads.a pair of proposals at the statehouse right now would raise the speed limit on two lane could 55 miles per hour soon be a thing of the past? past?cbs 2 news reporter joe huisinga joins us live with the latest on the debate, joe? a house sub committee passed two bills yesterday that would raise speed limits on iowas 2 lane state and county roads. one would raise the speed from
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it to 65 miles per hour.while the benefits seem questionable the price is clear. clear. the faster you go the more likely you are to be in a fatal crash.steve gent with the iowa department of transportation says raising the speed on iowas interstates was a smart move but state and county 2 lane roads havava lot more hazards. of slow moving vehicles the average speed driven on most affected roads is already 60 miles per hour.the d-o-t say raising the speed could have benefits for commercial freight but for most it would have littlo get someplace. changing signs, inting new lines and other projects would cost the state an estimated 4.6 to 6.5 million dollars studies show the price paid
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they result in increased number of severe crashes and fatalities.thats something trooper conrad is not ok with but the decision is not up to him. him.our job with the state patrol is to work with whatever laws they give us to work with and if they change the law then we will enforce that law as it stands. according to gent the iowa d-o-t believes raising the speed from 55 to 60 would cause an additional 5 to 15 fatalities a year.raising it to 65 would create an estimated 10 to 25 additional fatal @rashes.covering the corridor, joe huisinga, cbs 2 news, ten at 10. developing tonight - senator joni ernst is now leading a bipartisan effort to give sexual assault victims in the military more control and flexibility over their treatment options. options.under the legislation of the military save act, if the v-a does not meet the
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can seek treatment immediately at a non-va facility of their choice.those behind the bill say it will give survivors the ability to find a trusted provider with the right training to meet their needs. now ten at ten continues with a look at tonight's other stories across the corridor. coralville city leaders are planning for the next fiscal year, including what to do with the largest piece of undeveloped land in the city. they're eyeing an area near i- 380 and i-80 as the city continues to grow.that growth, coupled with new standards from the environmental protection agency are also driving 31-million dollars in water plant improvements.the city council is scheduled to vote on the budget at their meeting on march 8th. in swisher, the cedar ridge distillery has been selected as the 20-15 small business of the year by the cedar rapids metro economic alliance.managers at cedar ridge tell cbs 2 news, this is a great example of economic growth, development
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2005, cedar ridge became the first craft distillery in iowa since prohibition. right now, a popular eastern iowa restuarnt is open in iowa city. city.augusta restaurant is now serving customers on iowa avenue.the cajun-inspired eatery made the move from oxford a few months ago.the owners tells cbs 2 news, they wanted to make sure they are more accessible.the grand re- opening, of course, comes just in time for mardi gras. a north liberty man's personal tragedy is bringing out the best in the community. 2010, todd bevans lost his sight in a car accident.since then arvo, his service dog, ided him.sadly, arvo passed away due to cancer. the blue bird cafe is donating 10-percent of their sales today to get a new service dog for todd.bevans says having a service dog helps him physically *and emotionally. 06;51;03 todd bevans "i ride a bicycle wherever i go because i'm blind but i got some usable vision with the
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more easier and i feel a lot more safer. "06;47;03 tom connelly "one of the hallmarks of a great place is supporting the members of that community as a business that benefits from the support of the community in this same way it's really a priviledge and honor to give back." back."if you would like to help donate to the cause check out this story on cbs 2 iowa dot com. that is cbs 2 news ten at ten -- the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minutes. minutes.still to come... come...why one fast food chain is telling its customers to double check their bank statements.terry.
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join us tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning.a week after the iowa caucuses, the first in the nation *primaries gave candidates another test today. today.we'll track the latest reaction , and explain what comes next, tomorrow cbs2. hawkeye fans terri tells us ifif we can make it through the next week, you've got a teaser for us. >> yes. there should be a warm-up in about 7 to 8 days here in iowa. temperatures could be pushing 50.
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and that could be the low end too. but we've got a long way to go. it's obviously cold here tonight. 9 degrees our current temperature. the snow showers that were in here last night and today are to the east of us. the skies are clear and that is allowing the temperatures to slowly fall here. a little warmer out in the far west but most of eastern iowa in the low to mid teens this afternoon. a very cold day considering normal highs are in the lower 30s this time of year. some wind which you wills tonight be get down to 20 below. friday night and saturday will be more cold air. it looks like a clipper system
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first of all, here's the highs around eastern iowa today. 14 in waterloo and dubuque. here in cedar rapids we ended up at 15. temperatures are slowly falling. 9 in dubuque. here they should see lows at 5 below 0 tomorrow morning. winds are still blowing in. some gusts are over 20 miles per hour and that's creating wind chills as low as 11 below. you can see all of eastern iowa now with sub 0 wind chills and by the time we get up tomorrow morning, there is a potential for wind chills to be 18 to 20 below 0. if you're out and about early tomorrow morning, it is going to
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here is the big storm other the great -- ove the great lake states. we're in a strong northwest flow. the temperatures will stay nice and cold this weekend. there's a couple more upstream to bring snow chances on friday and especially on sunday. most of the accumulations will be out to the west of us. but the bigger system on sunday will have more moisture and better dynamics. there is a degree of confidence there that sometimes you don't see. that's not until sunday, though. the skies have cleared out tonight allowing the cold temperatures. and tomorrow the clipper starts
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but it could bring clouds into our western counties tomorrow afternoon. our forecast tonight has low temperatures as cold as minus 5. about 0 in dubuque and cedar rapids. then going into tomorrow, we'll start with sunshine. a few clouds in the afternoon. temperatures single digits in the north to the low and mid teens in the south. extended forecast, temperatures should get up to 21. cold again on saturday and a better chance for snow on sunday with a high of 24 degrees. we continue to track the latest developments in the flint water crisis. authorities are trying to figure out if charges should be filed. the legal team hired by the
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everything from involumen tear manslaughter -- involuntary. we're learning new details at a possible security breach at wendy's. it has seen unusual payment activity at some of its 6500 lotions. it's not saying how many restaurants or customers could be impacted by this. the cause that has local students making their voices
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that's always being debated at the statehouse, education funding.again this year republicans and democrats are deadlocked something that's always being debalted at the state house, education funding. again this year, they are deadlocked over how much. >> democrats want a 4% increase; republicans want a 2% increase. >> reporter: it may be their parents who vote and pay the taxes, but about 50 high school students in cedar rapids say this i i their future.
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going to the state house in des moines. they plan to teach lawmakers a lesson on funding. >> reporter: these jefferson students know there is a lot at stake. as young lobbyists, they want to tell lawmakers face to face. >> grace is in show choir and band and fears those may be first to go. >> if the funding is cut, we're going to see a lot of things that directly impact us as much as activities and classes. >> reporter: students know anything beyond basic classes are at risk. >> history's not as important d that's something i'm very passionate about. those are the electives that will be cut firstment that's really sad to see. >> reporter: madison wants lauk
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studies may be in danger. >> those have been my whole high school career pushing myself and seeing what i can make myself be. >> reporter: emma says class sizes are already too large. >> that makes it hard on teachers and students both. >> i want them to tell their story. >> it's worth a shot. it's better than doing nothing so i might as well do what i can. >> reporter: the students say provided through an education foundation grant.matt hammill cbs-2 news - ten at ten. and coming up in sports sportswe head to the mats -- who punched their ticket to the state dual tournament -- next on cbs 2.
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plenty of reasons for iowa's 10-1 record in big ten play... a player of the year there are plenty of reasons for iowa's 10 and 1 record. a dedication to defense, senior starters. but a lot of times they run their opponents right off the floor. they lead the conference in scoring just ahead of indiana.
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like it's going to be a shootout. >> it should be a track meet to be honest. i think we'll be prepared for it. >> a couple of years ago we lost. so it's kind of an up and down game. we learned from that game. so we don't stop how we're going to play. pretty simple -- win two duals in a night -- and that night -- was tonight independence and denver- trip-oh-lah half way there -- the two met in their regional finaland the titans started the dual off strong -- tevon rettig -- wins with the pin with 11 seconds left in the first peiord -- d-t goes up 6 nothignbut after that it was all independence -- tanner erickson dale -- three names one big result -- erickson- dale gets the fall in the third and then at 138 -- check out drew daivs -- rolls his
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not even a minute into his match -- independence is headed back to the state dual tournament -- 57 to 18 the final. in 1-a -- dike-new hartford trying to upset third-ranked alburnett... and head to state and it looked good early for the wolverienes... at 285... chase arrons gets jake langhoff on his back... and finishes him... for a third period pin.. then at 106... more d-n-h domination.... jacob sigler is thinking pin all the way.... and that's that... the wolverines jumped out to a 30 to nothing lead.. but the pirates weren't about to walk the plank -- ben moyer starts the comeback with a pin of his own -- and alburnett comes all the way back to win 39 - 36 -- to advance to state... in girls hoops -- marion trying to stay atop the wamac -- hosting clear creek-amana... the clippers were just trying to stay in this thing... alissa schwarting gets to work down low... . but marion had this one in the bag from the start... check out mia laube -- ok like steph curry there -- she swishes home the three
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-- got all nice -- sharing the basketball with ease -- isabell sade banks it home -- marions with 65 to 28. stay with c-b-s two -terry has one last look at your forecast
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recap the latest information coming from the new hampshire primaries. primaries.donald trump easily won the we want to recap the latest information coming out of the new hampshire primaries tonight. donald trump easily wins the republican race. >> on the dc side -- democratic side, bernie sanders defeated
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it's going to be bitterly coldn the morning. >> temperatures will start at 0
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